Where to buy Casper mattress on sale

Casper makes mattresses that are engineered to perfection. They are made by people who are passionate about sleep and obsessed with comfort. The innovative design has made Casper mattress an undisputed leader of the online mattress industry. Casper, known as “the Warby Parker of mattresses”, sells mattresses online and delivers them to your door in a box.

Casper mattress is a combination of latex foam for cooling and bounce, and memory foam for support. A customized soft, white fabric covers the mattress. Casper is an online only business and one gets to escape the brick and mortar store. Recently, it has started showrooming some of its offerings in select West Elm locations.

A Casper mattress can be shopped online in less than 10 minutes because this company makes only one kind of mattress rather than making tens or hundreds of mattresses that start feeling the same after some time.

Casper provides free shipment and to add a cherry to the cake, one could return the mattress within 100 days without any question being asked. The money back guarantee is a big deal as they cannot resell a used mattress. Also, cash has to be spent on getting the delivery guys to pick it back. The mattress is delivered in a box which is amazing in itself, considering that it kind of unfurls as air fills into it. Though every sleeper has his or her own needs, body type, sleeping positions, and no one size fits all, Casper mattress is wonderfully suitable for a majority of people.

Some of the sites that can come in handy for buying a Casper mattress are:

  • Casper.com: Casper supplies mattresses to everywhere in the US, and to countries like Denmark, France etc.
  • Amazon.com: The big daddy of all online marketplaces, Amazon is also into selling Casper mattresses.
  • Ebay.com: Headquartered in California, it offers Casper mattresses for sale.
  • Sears.com – Amongst all its other home furnishing products, Sears deals with Casper mattresses as well. Look for a time when Sears mattress sale is on to grab a good deal.

The convenience and low cost make Casper the leading mattress that can be bought from various sites.

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