Ways in which real estate agents get access to property records

There might be various reasons why you need access to property records. When you are trying to access these records, you can always reach out to your real estate agent to get all the information you are looking for. The most common methods used by agents in order to secure property records are as follows:

MLS data: Just getting a copy of a listing from a customer is not sufficient at times because you may need more details such as the history of the property and so on. You can approach your agent and ask them to check up on the property’s history without applying any parameters regarding the status of the property. When you check for property records on the MLS data, you can get the sale history as well as the listing history to know if the property shifted hands recently or was removed for listing at any point in time and so on. You also get to check the agents who dealt with the property and know if it was the same agent who dealt with the property through any transfers. In order to get the best pricing, one of the best bargaining chips is to know how long the property has been listed for sale. This will help to determine the appropriate sales price based on previous listings and the owner’s current asking price.

Online title company’s database: Most real estate agents have access to online websites where you can get property record listings along with details such as the sales deeds or even mortgage history on the property and so on. Most of these websites give access to check details related to the property for the last 20 years, and there are some cases where the quitclaim deeds or other intricate details which may not yet be available to the public.

Paid online subscriptions: There are some online sites which give you access to authentic information for a small fee. Some agents have such subscriptions, and they can help you get the value estimates or any other essential property records that will help you establish the correct market value of the property.

With the help of your local real estate agent, you can get access to property records that will help you in making the correct buying decision.


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