Viking Appliances add perfection to your home

No home is complete unless it has all the essential appliances which make life easier to manage. Thankfully, among the leading appliance manufacturers, Viking Appliances have created a niche for itself and provide the customers with a wide array of selection, especially when it comes to appliances.

  • Viking cooking appliances
    The pro-style gas range in Viking Appliances has been designed in a manner that ensures balanced airflow for even heat distribution. This helps in the even baking of cakes and bread. The super spark ignition system in these cooking ranges have taken Viking Appliances a step ahead as it ensures that the burners are consistent and offer reliable ignition. The cooking range has three heavy-duty racks and up to six rack positions which make the task of homemakers easy since they can manage cooking needs of entire family. Spills are contained as the porcelain cooking surface comes with raised edges.
  • Viking refrigerators
    Viking Appliances have a diversified range of products which helps maintain its edge in the market. Viking refrigerators come with two adjustable humidity zone drawers and the users can always set the humidity level high for leafy vegetables and low for vegetables and fruits with skin. Pizza lovers will always relish the fact that they bought Viking refrigerator for the fact that it has additional space for large Pizza boxes. The electronic controls in the refrigerator are more comfortable to use as they maintain an even temperature throughout to ensure that the food remains fresh for a longer duration.
    The innovation in Viking refrigerators which sets it aside from other players in the market is the presence of odor eliminator evaporator which helps in removing odors and excess humidity from the refrigerator.
  • Viking dishwashers
    Fully integrated dishwashers from Viking add a new dimension to Viking Appliances range. This dishwasher which is one among its different models comes with a 14 place setting capacity and allows the user to wash all the dirty dishes in one place. This innovative product comes with built-in water softener which eventually reduces the hardness of water to a level which prevents glass and other dishes from etching. The dishwasher has three wash arms which ensure rapid cleaning and the triple filtration system removes even the smallest of the particle for a clean water circulation. The users not only get quick and efficient drying but the turbidity sensor also monitors the soil level of the dishes. The LCD control panel in Viking dishwashers also ensures that the users get an easy viewing of option selection and the cleaning process being done by the dishwasher.


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