Top two riding mowers under $2000

In houses with sprawling lawns in the front yard or the back yard, a lawn mower takes care of unkempt gardens in a jiffy, but they need to be pushed which can be a taxing and energy-consuming job. Riding lawn mowers can make short work of large areas, and are perfect for those with trouble walking or pushing. However, buying a riding mower can be more confusing than buying a car! You should take into account various factors such as deck and engine size, transmission type, turning radius, power, and the size and type of lawn to be mowed. For instance, if you have a small area such as the backyard or the front yard, you will need a 16 HP riding mower that offers the least turning radius ( because you’ll often face sharp turns in a smaller area ).

Similarly, if your lawn has thicker grass, you will need a mower deck which has at least four blades. Durability and comfort the riding mower offers is another factor that you should take into account while buying a riding mower. The hunt for an efficient mower priced reasonably is a long and dreary one. So below is an overview of the two best riding lawn mowers in the market below $2000.

Husqvarna YTH21K46

Price: $1600

Engine (HP): 21

Deck (Inches): 46

The Husqvarna is equally good for homes which have a combination of wide-open lawns and tight spots. A large lever by the steering wheel enables quick engagement and disengagement of the mower deck, and right-foot pedals allow for easy speed control and switching between forward and reverse. The pedals are especially helpful when your hands are full turning the steering wheel while mowing in close quarters. The only negative element of the product is the lack of dash-mounted mechanical fuel gauge.

Cub Cadet LTX 1045

Price: $1900

Engine (HP): 20

Deck (Inches): 46

If your lot is small or has complex landscaping, requiring a lot of back-and-forth mowing, the Cub is your machine. The hydrostatic-drive foot pedals to the driver’s right are large, especially the reverse pedal. Similarly, its interlock for mowing in reverse is connected to the ignition switch, and its position is clearly marked and accompanied with a pushbutton. For those who have been baffled by other, less helpful reverse-mowing setups, this could be a real plus. For the quoted price, it is a near perfect machine with no disadvantages to note.

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