5 great washers you should consider for your laundry room

A pile of dirty clothes sitting in your room day after day can be a very sore sight. But manually washing clothes is something that is incredibly tedious and time-consuming. Thankfully, the best washers in the market can take away your anxiety in this regard and give you clean, sweet-smelling clothes in no time. Currently, many reputed brands are offering a variety of washing machines with unique features to help you with your laundry sessions. So it might get tricky to choose one from the many options available. Take a look at the current popular washer products, so that you can make the best choice for your home.

  • LG Electronics High-Efficiency Top Load Washer
    It comes with a massive 4.9 cubic-foot stainless steel drum, perfect for the laundry of a large family. Its unique TurboWash technology cleans clothes fast yet gently, and the machine is energy-efficient too. You can wash everything from bedspreads to delicates to work wear to towels in this washer.
  • Samsung Add Wash WF6500
    Among the best washers in front load style, this model deserves a special mention. It features high-spin speeds and can save you ample space in the laundry room. The upper half of the washer’s door has an access window, through which you can throw in handkerchiefs, towels or even delicates after the cycle has begun. The steam wash setting is ideal for fighting stains.
  • Maytag Top Load Washer
    Reasonably priced, this washing machine has ten wash cycles including power wash, wrinkle control, and hand wash. The auto-sensing feature ensures that the water is at the right level, and you will get a decade long warranty as well.
  • Miele W3038
    This front loading machine is one of the best washers in the market, with its accurate German make, super quiet operation and high efficiency. It uses less water and features original settings for outerwear, denim, dress shirts, silks, cashmere, and woolen fabrics.
  • Haier Portable Washer
    This washer is especially useful for those who live in a small rented apartment. Though it is a little small, it can be easily attached to the bathroom or kitchen sink. It is perfect for all kinds of clothes except delicates and offers three wash cycles and water levels.

Now all you need to do is consider the best washers mentioned above and pick one that suits your needs exactly. Laundry will now undoubtedly become a pleasurable experience!

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