Perk up your dorm room with these 4 affordable twin XL sheets

In college, your dorm room would be the closest place you will have to your home. Perhaps, you will share your room, yet it will be your most personal space. Doing up your dorm room is one of the initial steps towards making your stay in the University comfortable and familiar. Whether you are the messy kind or the neatly organized kind, your dorm room will be a reflection of your personality. Besides the walls and your desk, your bed would be one of the significant things that you can personalize. And what would be the better way to personalize your bed with beddings and twin XL sheets?

A majority of the colleges provide bed linen packages to its students. However, these packages would have sheets, pillow cases and other bedding materials with plain and simple patterns and designs. However, you do have the option of getting your twin XL sheets, pillow cases, and comforter on your own. If you are looking for wacky designs for your bedding, we have got a list of 4 twin XL sheets that you will perk up your dorm room with burning a hole in your pocket.

Microfiber sheet set cactus print from Room Essentials: These twin XL sheets from Room Essentials are made from 100 percent microfiber. Printed with minimalist designs of cactuses on a white background, these twin XL sheets have pockets on the sides for you to store small knick-knacks. These sheets are available for sale on Target.

Truly soft everyday printed fish twin XL sheet set from Bed Bath & Beyond: This set of twin XL sheets from BED Bath & Beyond are mad of ultra-soft microfiber material that is soft, durable and breathable. The cool blue fish pattern on a white background will perk up your dorm room without going over the top.

Truly soft bicycles sheet set from Bed Bath & Beyond: Made of 100 percent microfiber, these sheets are quite comfortable and breathable. With bicycles in blue printed all over, these twin XL sheets will add a touch of fun style to your dorm room. Available in neutral beige color, this sheet is suitable for everyone irrespective of gender or age. These sheets are safe for machine wash and are fully elasticized.

Whimsical 300-thread-count elephant print sheet set from Bed Bath & Beyond: These sheets are made of 100 percent cotton and have a soft sateen feel to them. With multi-colored striped elephants printed on a solid navy background, these sheets will add a pop of whimsy to your dorm room decor. These can be easily washed in the machine.


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