How to plan a perfect romantic getaway with your partner

If you are feeling the stress of hectic work schedules and hardly have time to spend with your partner, a romantic getaway may be just what the doctor ordered. Planning a romantic getaway is not that hard a task, provided you sit down and work it out together. Allow these pointers to guide you in the right direction.

Plan in advance: As in the case of any holiday, you will need to plan the vacation beforehand. In case both of you are working professionals, you will need to allocate finances as well as the time for the trip. Figure out how many days you can take off from work. Once you have your leaves synchronized, take the time out to figure how much you want to spend on the vacation. Come to an agreement on how much will go into travel, accommodation, meals, and other extras like hotel transfers and excursions. This way, when the time comes, both of you will be prepared for the trip.

Choose a romantic getaway: Your budget will determine the location you will head to for a romantic getaway. Look around on travel websites for deals on romantic getaway packages. Chances are that you will come across special deals and discounts to enjoy a weekend stay at a great beachside hotel or resort in your favorite location for a very affordable price.

Choose an appropriate hotel: If your idea of romantic vacation getaways includes peace and tranquility, choose a hotel that away from a central location. Look around for hotels and resorts that specialize in honeymoon or romantic vacation packages. There are many B&Bs that offer you plenty of romance and privacy as well. Hostels can get loud with tenants running around here and there while family-friendly resorts will most likely be packed with small children playing around the common areas, giving you little chance of having some private œus time.

Choose activities common to both of you: This is one area where most couples usually come to a standstill on their vacation. You may like waterskiing while your partner may like golf. Your partner may want to take part in some adventure activities while you prefer to just soak up some sun and enjoy your vacation lounging by the pool. It is advisable to write down a list of all the activities each of you would want to do during the vacation. Then try to figure out a way to make an itinerary that has something for both of you to enjoy during your mini vacation.

Leave the electronics behind: When planning to book romantic getaway packages for a weekend trip, your first and only interest should be your partner. Taking along all of your electronic devices with you on vacation and fiddling with them will only bring the romance factor in your vacation down to zero. So leave all the electronics behind, including your phones, laptops, tablets, and so on. Refrain from taking business calls while on vacation.


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