How is pricing done in the case of boxer puppies sale?

Before boxer puppies are put up for sale, their pricing is done depending on a wide range of factors. Here are some of the factors on which the pricing depends.

  • Health testing
    Several health tests are performed before a puppy is delivered to you. You will see that it is always mentioned in the site on buying the puppy. Health tests are not only done before the breeding of a bitch, but sometimes on a stud dog too.
  • Progesterone testing
    Before breeding a bitch, the progesterone levels are tested and thus the date of ovulation is known. By this method, the rates of success of breeding increase sharply. The whelping date is also narrowed down by this process.
  • Brucellosis test
    Brucellosis is a condition in which the bitches become sterile and can face abortion. So every time before breeding, the bitches are examined.
  • Pregnancy Confirmation
    An ultrasound test is performed to confirm the pregnancy of a bitch. An adequate preparation of whelping can be done by this process. Also the health of the pregnant bitch is ensured by all means.
  • Frozen Plasma
    New born puppies are treated with frozen plasma, and some of it is kept in store in case the puppy requires some more of a boost. For fresh plasma, it needs to ship in one night and once received, it will stay good for six months and not more. So you can conclude that a separate order of frozen plasma is required for each litter.
  • Supplements
    In-whelp bitches are given special supplements and food to ensure their health. They are also given homeopathic medicines. All this is necessary for trouble-free whelping and strong puppies.
  • Increased food for pregnant bitches
    During the last days of pregnancy, the bitch is given more food. Even during the first 3 or 4 weeks after the puppies are born and the bitch undergoes lactation period, the food is increased. This increased amount is approximately four times the original amount of food of the bitch. Sometimes goat’s milk is also given as it gives an added nutritive value. But this again increases the cost.
  • Food for puppies
    At about three weeks of age, the puppies are given solid food to eat. As they are gradually weaned by the bitch, the quantity of their food is increased. The more the puppies are with the sellers, the more is the cost.
  • Puppy packet
    The puppy packet is something that goes home with every puppy. It contains all the results of various tests that have been performed on the parents, temperament test results, leash, poop bags, collar, diet sheet, training information, and so many other things.

The things on which the pricing of boxer puppies sale are not based are their gender, nationality, markings, or color.


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